Catalog is a music marketplace. Artists sell their tracks as ‘Catalog records’.

Artists can opt to set a ‘buy it now price’ or auction their music. With no intermediaries, they can receive 100% of the revenue.

Additionally, artists can set a ‘creator share’, which is a percentage value they receive whenever their record is resold. Furthermore, they might be able to grant some privileges to buyers such as Discord channel access when they sell records.

Catalog records are non-fungible tokens, so fans can have perfect confidence that each of them is genuine.

Listeners can include a ‘slice’ ranging from 0 to 100% to sweeten up the deal when they make a bid for a record.

The slice is a rate of the earning going back to the previous owner when a record is resold. For example, a bidder can tell the owner, “I will set a 50% slice if you accept my offer”.

Although you can already use the platform, the team is preparing for its full-scale launch.


(As of September 6, 2021)

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