Public Pressure

Public Pressure is a web3 music platform where artists can sell their music and movies as NFTs. They are also able to sell physical items including records, CDs and apparel.

In its opening phase, only selected artists and labels will use the platform. Its team aims to open it to all musicians by the end of 2022.

On the NFT marketplace, artists can sell their works in various ways. For example, they sell their NFTs at fixed price, silent auction, timed auction, etc. They can use the split function, which enables them to share their sales with content contributors automatically.

On the NFT secondary market, artists can choose what percentage of their sales they receive. Public Pressure takes 5% plus 30 cents off every secondary sale.

According to the website, the difference between Public Pressure and most NFT platforms is that it accepts crypto asset and fiat currency payments. In addition, its significant characteristic is that it plans to use the “Join The Pressure (JTP)” token for governance and incentives.

The platform is built on Moonriver blockchain.

Public Pressure


(As of August 14, 2022)

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