What is COMSA?

COMSA is an NFT and NC-FT (Non Circulatable Fungible Token) marketplace. The NFT service supports also audio and video files.


The platform has been launched on January 31 in 2022. It’s operated by Tech Bureau, which is a Japanese company. COMSA is powered by Symbol blockchain.


The biggest advantage of COMSA is to store digital works on-chain. Most of other NFT platforms store them off-chain.

This advantage is so important for musicians and creators.The digital works could be deleted if they are not stored on-chain.


The NFT ecosystem consists of four types of participants.

  • Creator : Asset creators. They can receive a part of the proceeds on any secondary sales.
  • Endorser : Supporters of creators’ assets. They find assets they want to support and pay the fees for NFT conversions and initial listings instead of creators. They can receive sales commission only for the first sale.
  • Holder : Buyers of NFTs. They are allowed to sell their NFTs on the secondary market.
  • Guardian : Vigilantes who fill the role of reporting unauthorized assets and NFTs to the management team. They may get incentive depending the content of their report.

The future

COMSA is still in its early stage, so the following will be launched in the future.

  • Endorser System that allows creators to select and approve endorsers
  • Office file and text/URL NFT support
  • NC-FT service


(As of February 10, 2022)

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