Spinamp is a music NFT aggregator. Users can listen to and purchase music NFTs from more than 40 platforms.

Its team says that Spinamp is “like Spotify meeting OpenSea”. Spotify is a digital distribution platform and OpenSea is an NFT marketplace. Their mission is to offer the best experiences to users who listen to and collect music NFTs.

On the platform, users can get rewarded for curating music. If someone purchases a song through your playlist and the NFT supports the reward, you can get paid. The service enabling users to purchase NFTs on the platform is called “Spinamp Collect”.

Their next plans are as follows:

  • Provide better tools for artists to craft their profiles and engage with their communities
  • Simplify ways to stay connected to favorite artists and keep up with their works
  • Offer easier ways to share music collections
  • Improve ways to browse songs through other users


(As of June 18, 2023)

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