Arpeggi is a music creation platform.

Musicians can compose, collaborate and sell their music on a blockchain. They mint their songs as NFTs and their music is stored entirely on-chain. The image of “Arpeggi Studio”, a music creation tool, is as follows.


This is a comparison of Arpeggi single and standard MP3.


In order to use Arpeggi Studio, you need an “Arpeggi Genesis Studio Pass”. In October 2021, 600 passes were minted.

You can buy it on the OpenSea, which is an NFT marketplace. Arpeggi and OpenSea platforms were built on Ethereum blockchain and you need $ETH to get the pass.

As the platform evolves, they will release tools for supporting the creation of world-class music and develop the infrastructure for encouraging musician and listener engagement in a web3 way.


(As of November 22, 2021)

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