What is Glass?

Glass is a web3 video platform. You can use it for music video distribution. It supports 4K and 5K videos and there is no limit to how long a video can be.

On the platform, videos are owned by the people, not by Glass. This system allows creators to monetize their works more sustainably than web2 video platforms.

The structure

On Glass, videos are minted as NFTs. The platform is powered by the following technologies.

  • Ethereum blockchain
  • Solana blockchain (Not supported at this time)
  • Arweave storage

By using Arweave, the videos will be stored permanently and can not be deleted.

When you upload your video to Arweave, it charges you a small sum upfront. However, you don’t need to pay recurring costs for the storage. The storage cost depends on the length and resolution of a video. In addition, you need a minting cost for your NFT on the blockchain.

How to monetize

Creators can release a video NFT for a 24-hour auction. Glass has been launched softly, so they allow a few test creators to upload their videos now.

Once they confirm that everything works as expected, the creation tool will be open to the public. Currently, you need to apply for uploading your video in one of the following ways.

  • Fill out an application on the website
  • Join the Discord and send DM to one of the core team members

As soon as the auction finishes, 80% of the final bid goes to the creator. Glass receives 20% for future production, promotion and the community treasury.

The revenue is sent immediately to creator’s wallet via smart contract. Creators get paid in ETH or SOL. It depends on which blockchain they use. Creators need their MetaMask wallet for ETH or Phantom wallet for SOL.

Buyers, also, have to connect their MetaMask for purchasing Ethereum-based videos or Phantom wallet for Solana-based videos.

The Glass team plans to give NFTs more utility. They will announce more information about it soon.


(As of December 18, 2021)

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