Scalable and sustainable blockchain. The native token is “ALGO”. (2022.6.6)


Decentralized service or protocol enabling users to store their data forever with a single upfront fee per file. It is powered by the blockchain-like technology “blockweave” and the AR token. (2022.5.5)


Ledger being recorded and managed by a decentralized network of computers. After a certain period of time passes, a group of data is packed into a block. Each block is connected to the previous one like a chain. (2022.5.5)

BNB Chain

Blockchain developed by Binance, one of the world’s biggest blockchain companies, and its community. It comprises BNB Beacon Chain (previously Binance Chain) and BNB Smart Chain (previously Binance Smart Chain). The native token is “BNB”. BNB stands for “Build and Build”. (2022.5.29)


Short for “Decentralized Finance”. It is a financial system with no centralized entity such as a bank. Financial services are provided and used by utilizing smart contract on blockchain. (2022.6.19)


Name of a blockchain. It’s widely used because it has a “smart contract” function, which can automatically execute actions when predetermined conditions are met. Its native cryptocurrency is “Ether (ETH)”. (2022.5.8)


Decentralized system for storing and accessing data. It has been built by Protocol Labs. IPFS is short for ”InterPlanetary File System”. (2022.12.25)


Short for “Non-Fungible Token”. Unlike legal tenders and general cryptocurrencies, each NFT can’t be a substitute for another one. By using blockchain technology, you can create songs and movies as NFTs. (2022.5.5)


Nodes on blockchains are computers participating in the operation and management of the networks. (2022.6.27)


The world’s largest NFT marketplace. Currently, it supports Ethereum, Polygon, Klatyn and Solana blockchains. (2022.8.7)


Project enabling up to 100 sovereign blockchains to connect with each other. Each blockchain is called “Parachain”. The heart of Polkadot, to which parachains connect, is named “Relay Chain. The native token is “DOT”. (2022.5.9)


Ethereum scaling project. It is developing several scaling solutions such as the Ethereum-compatible sidechain “Polygon PoS”. The native token is “MATIC”. (2022.5.8)


Highly scalable and fast blockchain. Users can use apps build on Solana with low fees. The native cryptocurrency is “SOL”. (2022.5.23)


Name of a blockchain. Symbol makes it easy to develop applications. Its native currency is “XYM”. (2022.6.26)


Name of a blockchain. The major features are its seamless upgradability and energy-efficient mechanism. The native token is “Tez (XTZ)”. (2022.6.20)


In a broad sense, a token on a blockchain is a synonym for a crypto asset. However, it’s not strictly defined. It’s sometimes used in the sense of a crypto asset on another blockchain, not on its own. (2020.6.20)


Digital wallets on blockchains for holding and using digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Unlike conventional online services, you need a “seed phrase (also referred to as a “secret recovery phrase”, a “mnemonic phrase”, etc )”, an “address” and a “private key” too when you use the wallets. A seed phrase consists of arbitrary English words. An address and a private key are a string of numbers and letters. One of the most popular wallets is “MetaMask” for Ethereum blockchain. (2022.6.14)


Although it is not clearly defined, it’s used in the sense of “the next generation of the Internet”. The current Internet is called web2, which is dominated by a handful of centralized entities such as Google. In the web3 world, various stakeholders operate their services by utilizing blockchain technology. (2022.6.10)