ROCKI is a music platform for streaming and NFT marketplace.

Users can stream more than 45,000 songs for free, which have been released by 9,000 independent artists. Users can choose a streaming edition. The editions are as follows.

  • Basic edition : Free and ad supported
  • Premium edition : $8 a month without ad

ROCKI rewards both artists and listeners. Basic users, who don’t pay for the monthly subscription, can get rewards when they watch or listen to the ads. Music NFTs may be traded on the platform.

The platform is built on BNB chain, so the NFTs are denominated in BNB, which stands for “Build and Build” (formerly called Binance Coin). For a means of payment for the service and reward distribution, ROCKS tokens are used too.

ROCKI is still in the private invite-only beta testing period. After the test is completed, the platform will be available to the public.


(As of March 26, 2022)

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