Sound is a music NFT marketplace. It provides artists with the opportunity to debut new music as a series of NFTs.

The goal of the project is to enable many artists to make a full-time living off their music alone.

There is no middleman on the platform. That’s why artists can receive 100% of the proceeds from their music. In addition, they can earn 10% of the sales on the secondary market.

While you own an NFT, you can do the following.

  • Each NFT is numbered uniquely, so you can showcase your early support.
  • Every song has a “golden egg”, which is hidden on a randomly selected timestamp in the song. If you leave a comment where the golden egg is located, your NFT will be upgraded to 1/1 edition with unique artwork selected by the artist.
  • You can get the chance to make a public comment about the song. When you sell the NFT, your comment will be deleted.
  • Sound NFT allows you to get access to the Discord where artists and listeners communicate with each other.

In the future, Sound plans to introduce a model that enables curators to monetize their ability to discover new artists, a crowdfunding feature that allows artists to raise funds from their communities, and more.


(As of January 15, 2022)

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