Sonu is a music streaming platform.

By using the platform, artists can earn streaming rewards and sell music. General users can stream songs for free and purchase music.

The music artists sell is called “SONA”. A SONA is a unique digital twin of a specific song. Artists auction off SONAs and the buyers can resell them for a set price.

SONAs are minted as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. However, the team plans to leverage a layer 2 blockchain in the future.

Streaming rewards are paid to artists by distributing transaction fees. The rewards are also paid to owners of a SONA. The proportion of the rewards is as follows:

  • Artist: 30%
  • Owners: 70%

According to the official website, only US residents are currently able to stream, get rewards, or buy SONAs.


(As of April 7, 2024)

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