OneOf is an NFT marketplace. In order to connect fans and collectors with artists, it has been built for music community. Even independent artists use the platform.

They emphasize that it is an energy efficient platform built on Tezos blockchain.

Tezos can offer the lowest transaction fee service, so artists can mint each NFT for $0 on the platform. This allows them to sell their NFTs for as low as $5, $1, even free.

During 30-day ‘soft launch’ period starting from September 1 this year, new features and new NFTs are phased out.

In early September, the first collection of NFTs started to be launched and OneOf ‘Marketplace’, where users may list their NFTs for resale, will be open soon. At the end of the soft launch period, it will add the ‘export’ function for transferring NFTs.

Like other music platforms, it has introduced ‘Resale Royalty’ system that enables artists to get back a small % of the sale price whenever each NFT is resold. According to its website, the sellers receive the majority of the proceeds, usually 90% or more.


(As of September 12, 2021)

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